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Victory for the Ward 8 Action Slate


Our entire slate was victorious at the Ward 8 Democrats Biennial Convention and officer elections Saturday, Sept. 18, at the Temple of Praise church. Ward 8 Democratic voters sent a clear message that the Ward 8 Action slate was the best team to lead our Ward party into the future.

Voters told us that engagement with our youth, seniors, and those who feel marginalized is important. They told us that increasing access to the ballot box and fighting for legislation and policies that impact public safety, health, and education are worthy causes. And they said building our Ward party and pushing to make the District the 51st state should continue.

We want to thank everyone who voted for our slate to continue leading the Ward 8 party. We also want to thank those who selected different candidates. Whether it was your first time or you've voted in past conventions, you should feel proud of your engagement in the Ward party election.

Now that the election is over, we're calling on everyone to unite around a single purpose--making Ward 8 the best it can be. There will be ample opportunities for you to be part of our work by signing up for committees like youth outreach, senior engagement, membership, public relations, and statehood, to name a few. We're also looking to fill precinct/block captain seats in the months ahead, so stay tuned and stay connected.


The Ward 8 Democrats is our party. And all are invited.


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